The Reproof Story

It started with
writer’s block.

Not the type where you can’t write, but the one where you know there’s a better way to say something, only you can’t seem to find it. Type, delete, type again.

Maybe the first take was actually the best. Maybe you accidentally deleted something great. Time to CMD-Z your way back, resurrecting older words while losing whatever else you’d changed.

One solution is to write three intros at the top of articles, wait until the end to decide the best. Or write a ton of titles and headings, ask friends in Slack and iMessage to vote on their favorite.

Remember those flip books, as a child, or the game of Consequences where you’d match a head with another body and a random set of legs, and create a monster or masterpiece? Imagine doing that with your writing.

Mix and match.

That was the idea. What if you could write a paragraph, then write it again, and again, and swap between the versions to read them in context? Then step back in time, and see what you’re written first and what you ended up with in the end.

And then, what if you could keep the whole writing process together? Instead of writing in one app, pasting your words into a word processor to collaborate on it, tracking your writing and editing tasks somewhere else, then pasting your final copy everywhere you’re publishing, just do it all in one place.

That’s what we set out to build with Reproof. It’s a start—and there’s a lot more to come.

We think you’re gonna like it. And we’d love to hear what you think!

~Matt & Paul